Saturday, 17 September 2011

A snapshot of Hajj...

22nd Aug 2011 - - - 3pm

Continuing our tour from Arafaat we headed to Muzdalifah, the place where the pilgrims stay for 1 night and collect usually small pebbles or stones to then trow at the walls in jamarat representing the devil. The jamarat, my father tells me can become very dangerous due to the immense crowds during Hajj time. In fact the Saudi's have now built 5-storey bridges to enable as many people to throw stones and fulfill their Hajj ritual rites.

5-storey bridge of Jamaraat
 Moving on swiftly, still in the coach we headed to Mina. The fire-proof tents in Mina provide shelter to approximately 5 million Muslims each year during the Hajj season. The view was amazing!
Fire-proof tents in Mina

Close up of tents in Mina
 It was an amazing site seeing and learning the rituals for Hajj. It made me think of my mum. I now understand why she becomes so tearful thinking of her experience at Hajj, subhanAllah! After leaving Mina, we headed back towards our hotel in Makkah. On our way we passed by Jabal or the mountain of Noor. This was the same blessed mountain, the Prophet pbuh would espcape to to contemplate and think about God. It was here that Jibraeel came with the first revelation of Iqra or Read. SubhanAllah! I really wanted to climb the mountain. I could see some women and men climbing the mountain, but my father said, I'd get too tired! InshAllah on my next visit! :)
Cave Hira on Jabal Noor.

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