Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ask and Ask from Allah Alone - The Power of Dua

Why is it we begin something good with such enthusiasm and passion yet it dwindles away and we loose interest so quickly? How are we able to achieve the things we want? More importantly, how do we know what it is that is good for us when we are so confused?

One of the most difficult things that overpower us, well especially us women is our emotions clouding our judgement, our vision, our clarity and our goals. Whilst these emotions are natural it is shaytaan that whispers and directs our thoughts towards a negative outlook on life. We need Allah swt to help us. We need to ask him to protect us from Shaytaan always. Without Allah swt, no matter what steps we take, we can never achieve, we will never find clarity in thought and mind.

A few posts ago I wrote about my struggles at waking up to pray Fajr. I reflected on my problem not just to myself but openly to all readers but this time mostly to Allah swt. I saw a sign and an opportunity and seized it. I wrote for one of my favourite websites: Productive Muslim! Downloading and reviewing the app 'Never Miss Fajr' and coming to terms with my goal for this year has manifested into something so memorable mashaAllah. You can check out my article here: App Review - Never Miss Fajr

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I felt I just saw this Hadith Qudsi come to life in the last few weeks subhanAllah! I took that one step towards expressing my concern to Allah swt and Allah swt gave back so much. Not only do I now wake up for fajr salaah alhamdulillah, I start my day at fajr too by encouraging 40 plus other sisters to read the Qur'an daily (more on that soon!).

With sincerity and conviction ask and ask from Allah alone. The more you expect from Allah swt the more he will deliver inshaAllah. :)

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