Friday, 15 April 2011

Moslem is what they call us...

I'm letting off steam in the form of poetry (of some sort)

Little time do we give to educate
those inadequate
Bunch of fools
who follow their own rules!
Free speech is what they annihilate
Banning this and that to exterminate
One faith
And only one faith.

Moslem is what they call us
difference does it make if they can’t...
Say it like they should,
tell it like it is,
the trend of hate
Is it really worth making all the fuss?

Wake up! I want to shout out...
Mustn’t get deluded in the delusion
Of the world dominating fusion
Of president this and prime minister that
They aren’t watching my back
Let me turn to my lord in this upheaval
And cry out to save me from this mess
of a world full of hate and evil.

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